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Check this page for the latest information on operating status and availability of Online Business Systems. Calls may be disconnected from the phone system.

The latest Patent data can now be updated. Recently there have been Acknowledgement Receipt delays for some filers. If you did not receive an Acknowledgement Receipt after payment of fees, please follow the steps below to confirm that EFS-Web has received your submission and payment:.

If the Acknowledgement Receipt was generated, you can select "View" to display it.

Breaking news: EFS fuel cards suffer outage, drivers unable to pay for fuel (with video)

Please do not file your submission again while waiting for EFS-Web to generate the Acknowledgement Receipt, because duplicate submissions may result in processing delays and non-refundable fees. Generation of the acknowledgement receipt could take up to 5 business days. Please confirm payment status before submitting payment again. Filers who paid using a stored payment method established in Financial Manager can access it to confirm whether payments were successfully processed.

For ePetition and eTerminal Disclaimers, if you did not receive a grant letter or approval letter at the time of filing, please try to file your submission again at a later time.

When re-submitting, you can certify that fees were previously paid for certain fees. TSDR will not be available during the maintenance period. Current Status Wednesday Mar 18, I am not sure how many of you visiting this page are familiar with the presence and importance of the EFS thing that we are going to talk about today!

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Actually, I often hear people requesting to offer a solution of a problem that makes them unable to make a call, send a message, access the internet or any connectivity related thing. If EFS is so important a thing, it must be preserved so that you might be able to use all connectivity features of your device.

On Samsung Galaxy devices, the IMEI and other connectivity data are stored in this particular folder that I have been mentioned several times so far. Having read about the role of EFS on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet device, you must be a little more curious to know something more about it.

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In case the EFS directory is corrupted or lost, your phone or tablet is sure to lose its IMEI number and wireless and network connectivity.

You might ask how and why does the EFS data on your device might be lost or get corrupted? The answer is pretty simple and the reason might be a daring activity on your part.

Sometimes flashing a custom Kernel as reported by some users and in most cases installing a custom ROM is responsible for the EFS data loss. Keeping this thing in mind most of our ROM developers insert a script that automatically creates a backup of the EFS data on the external SD Card so that you might restore it back in case of loss or corruption. But it is certainly not wise to rely blindly on the wisdom of others. That is why, whenever we write installation tutorials for custom ROMs for Galaxy device, we warn users to backup EFS before indulging in any custom development activity.

Once lost without being backed up, recovering it becomes very much like a wild goose chase. You might have heard or faced personally the issue when your device shows the inability to mount EFS:. Of course, there are ways to restore EFS data, but they are either not available for all devices online or they do not work at all. For more enlightening tips, do not forget to read the following article:. As the very title of this article says, we are going to tell about a very easy solution to back up the EFS on your Samsung Galaxy device.

It is a simple but wonderful tool developed by XDA member LiquidPerfection that makes this job a plaything that can be done by anybody. So, do you think you are ready for action now?

Make sure you have made all preparations detailed above. Having backed up your EFS data, you might take a calm breath and feel a sense of security but it is also important to be familiar with the method how you can restore it back to your Samsung Galaxy device in case you lose it. It is a free app and called kTool. Since it is a phone-based utility, it is easier to use. You might be already familiar with Aroma.Networked file systems have inherent tradeoffs over local filesystem access—EFS doesn't change that.

Don't expect the moon, benchmark and monitor it, and you'll do fine. On a recent project, I needed to have a shared network file system that was available to all servers, and able to scale horizontally to anywhere between 1 and servers.

It needed low-latency file access, and also needed to be able to handle small file writes and file locks synchronously with as little latency as possible. I'm pretty sure this is one of the most mentioned suggestions in every guide to using EFS I've seen. My team spent over an hour trying to diagnose why MySQL connections were stacking up, application threads were clogged, and extremely few requests were getting responses.

Finally, we noticed that file operations were really slow. Really really slow.

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And this was in the middle of a full EFS backup more on that later! If it starts going down, make sure it doesn't keep going down. And if you need more burst credits, or a higher normal throughput limit, see the next section:. For EFS, there is no 'instance class'. When you create a new EFS volume, you get a paltry. How do you increase these limits? You write a giant file to the filesystem, and EFS takes up to an hour to increase your limits, according to this chart taken from the EFS Performance page :.

Lesson learned: Immediately after creating a new EFS volume, mount it somewhere, and write a large file to it or many smaller files if you want to delete some of this 'dummy data' as your data usage expands :.

Be sure to exclude such files from any backups you take, otherwise you'll be paying for more backup space, as well as all that extra transfer bandwidth to back up the large file that gives you the bandwidth in the first place! I've asked AWS about any chance to create volumes and not have to write big files to jump to higher IO stats after all, you don't start on a t2.

If you want to pay up front for the performance, it seems odd that AWS won't allow it. I know many people who have been burned by this same problem. I see a lot of people try to use EFS or NFS in general as a jerry-rigged deployment mechanism so they can manage a codebase in one directory shared on multiple servers. If you're running a PHP or Ruby application with hundreds or thousands of small files that need to be read from disk even if using opcacheyou're going to have a very bad time.

Instead, use a tool like Ansible to deploy your code to a local filesystem on each server hey, I wrote a book on that!

Whatever the case, run code from a local, fast filesystem. Even a slow spinning-disk local filesystem will be a lot faster than a file system accessed over the network see Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know. You don't ever want EFS to be in the critical path of your application's code. If you do have to have a shared volume store latency-sensitive components of your application e. This still won't make things fly like using the local disk, but you'll have more consistent latency at least.

Note that I'm currently doing some testing in this area—I'll update this post if I find any other helpful improvements for this use case. Unless you have very specific needs, and have tested and thoroughly benchmarked any other options or changes to the recommended options, use AWS' recommendations. They likely tweak their NFS backends and networks for the specific rsize and wsize they specify.

Also, use NFS v4.Make sure you have Microsoft. NET Framework v4. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8. Download Link: Please see bottom of this post. Would I be able to backup my stock SGS2 using this tool? Will only work on root'ed phones? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro announced — Everything you need to know! April 14, Working Remotely?

efs down

Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : 2, EFS Professional v2. Now supporting NON-Samsung devices! Advanced backup and restore of your device's sensitive partition and NV data! Detects backup archives automatically on the device and PC for hassle free restoring. Device Filter support to help users identify which partitions are the important ones to backup. Extract and read device's PIT file to ensure efficient and accurate backup and restore operations Samsung devices only.

Check MD5 hash during backup and restore operations to verify integrity of data written. Option to Format EFS to wipe all data and recreate partition.

efs down

Option to fix Samsung devices that are 'stuck' in Factory Mode with the on screen overlay. Send Diagnostic Password 16 Digits Hex to unlock secure operations. Ability to backup a custom NV item range based on a user defined list. Option to repair NV data file ownership to fix 'Unknown baseband' and 'No signal' issues. Supports backup and restore of 'fsg', 'fsc', 'backup' and other partitions that do not have a corresponding filename defined in the PIT file.

efs down

Attached Thumbnails. Greg 23rd JuneMr. Raviteja 21st Decembermr. Thanks Meter : Having issues making the most of your WEX experience? Check out the links below to access frequently asked questions and video tutorials to make your job easier! For the Validation type, however, choose Exact Match to make sure the Driver ID has to be entered correctly at the pump. NOTE: To make any changes to your bank account numbers, please call customer assistance. A policy is a set of rules that govern how a group of cards behave, including where they can be used, and what products can be purchased.

To manage policies, follow these steps:. Prompts are the questions that the cardholder is asked at the point of sale. To add new prompts, follow these steps:. They are out on the roads every day delivering goods to keep products on the shelves for those of us sheltering in place.

And their drivers are on full force out there making deliveries through this pandemic. With many stores shuttered, that type of freight is drying up, and we are doing more delivery transactions with brokers. They are paying high rates to haul, which had included bonuses, but there are no longer offering bonuses. A majority of our freight is shuttle movement within a mile range for food manufacturing businesses.

efs down

I have heard that Walmart has pushed orders to new levels. Their biggest single day to date was 2. These numbers have since leveled out to normal levels of pounds shipped. Some of the things drivers are faced with are long delays loading and unloading, and an inability to find places to eat on the road but their spirits remain high and they are grateful to be able to continue to bring in an income.

They are out in the field every day keeping the economy going. These guys started up a trucking company and they had zero trucks.

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And neither one of them drove a truck. But they had the right to haul freight if they could just figure out how to get some trucks. What Mercer did back then to get their business off the ground is what is now referred to as trip leasing. Before every load, Stone and Howard would meet each truck driver, inspect their equipment and let them run under their authority for one trip.

Once Stone and Howard got a couple of trip leasers, they started telling people they were ready to haul freight. They built a fleet of over 2, trucks that way. Just one driver at a time. Mercer now has 2, independent contractors hauling freight for them. While Mercer has many types of freight that they haul, the U. Government is their biggest customer for whom they haul military equipment across all 50 states. This was what Jason Miller was hauling when he ended up with Vienna Sausages for dinner a few weeks ago.

The employees at the truck stop were in limbo waiting to find out how they were going to proceed to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Recommendation itu-r tf.460-6*

Mercer Owner Operator.It has been recognized in the breed since the s. No other breed is known to suffer from it. Courtesy, Dr.

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Boaz Levitin. EFS is a non-progressive disorder that tends to improve with therapy, and the life spans of affected dogs do not appear to be shortened by the disease. Veterinarians may refer to it as "episodic hypertonicity" or "hyperexplexia" or "muscle hypertonicity" and medically known as "paroxysmal exercise-induced dystonia or dyskinesia". However, recent research NovemberJulyand January has established that EFS is not a muscular condition, but is due to a single recessive gene associated with brain function, a mutation of the BCAN gene, found only in cavaliers.

As a result, affected puppies are more likely to be found in cases of line breeding or inbreeding on carrier bloodlines. UntilEFS appeared to be a life-long condition of the cavaliers affected by it. However, research that year found that milder cases of EFS are more of a common condition in the CKCS, which tend to stabilize by age one year. EFS rarely is life-threatening. Some researchers have suggested that EFS in cavaliers may be associated with another disorder unique to the breed, called "idiopathic asymptomatic thrombocytopenia", an abnormally low number of blood platelets.

See Blood Platelets for more information. Typical signs include the cavalier engaged in exercise or being excited or stressed, and then suddenly develop a rigid gait in the rear limbs, extending and retracting in an exaggerated, stiff manner, like that of a hopping rabbit. One or more limbs may also protract excessively. See the photo at left of a ruby cavalier in the throes of arched protraction. The dog may lose its footing while running. It usually loses all coordination and collapses on its side or on its face.

When the cavalier collapses, it may hold its forelegs over its head. In the most severe cases, the dog may hold its head so low that its hind quarters somersault over its head.

How to advance drivers money from the TMS system to the EFS Driver card.

The affected cavalier may exhibit these symptoms only when excited or stressed, but in some cases, the behaviors have not been stress-induced. The dog may also overheat during an episode, possibly due to an inability to pant. The cavalier does not lose consciousness during the episodes, and mentally, it remains normal. Technically, the collapse is not a seizure, although it may be appear as one. The CKCS appears to know what is happening to it, and sees clearly, but loses control of its body.

Afterwards, in most instances the dog recovers relatively quickly; it stands up and acts as if nothing unusual had occurred.

However, if the cavalier exercises again immediately after recovery, it may induce another episode. Also, some severely affected cavaliers have been known to lapse into repeated, lengthy episodes of the syndrome, and may even suffer permanent neurological injuries and not be able to recover from the attacks.

At least a few CKCSs are known to have been euthanized to avoid continued suffering from the disorder. It is to be distinguished from presyncope, another disorder to which cavalier King Charles spaniels are predisposed, which has some of the same symptoms.Sometimes, the website is unavailable for routine maintenance or is unexpectedly inaccessible.

A deadline that falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday within the District of Columbia extends the due date to the next succeeding day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday. If you experience technical difficulties with EFS-Web, immediately email ebc uspto. Please include:. The EBC Patent Electronic Business Center team will make every attempt to assist you in addressing your particular problem and appreciates all notifications about the outage to be directed to them.

EFS Accounts

ET except federal holidays. New patent applications, new international design applications, copies of the international PCT application and basic national fee necessary to enter the national stage under 35 U. Patent correspondence, including new patent applications, new international design applications, and documents or fee payments, cannot be submitted via email.

The Board should be notified of the service by email copying opposing counsel: Trials uspto. The email notification to the Board should NOT include attachments. In addition, if a petition or document is served via email or other means, it must be followed by a In addition, if a petition or document is served via email or other means, it must be followed by a later-filed motion requesting acceptance of the submission once PTAB E2E is available.

The petition or document will be accorded the date on the certificate of service as the identified filing date. It is important to note that a petition will not be accorded a filing date unless it is accompanied by a payment of the appropriate fees e. If PTAB E2E is down during normal business hours, a party may contact the Board and request a one-day extension of time for due dates that are set by rule or orders of the Board.

In the unlikely event that an administrative patent judge is not available to rule on the extension, the Board may grant an extension the day after the paper is due. However, no extensions of time will be granted for any statutory time period. A complete list of fee related documents can be found on the Patent forms page.

ET, except federal holidays at Applicants are strongly advised to transmit their electronic filings prior to the outage period to ensure that the submissions are correctly completed. For other assistance, please see our contact us page. Filing documents during an outage.

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